What people are saying about “Move Beyond Your Cancer Identity”:

From Laura,

Thank you so much for sharing this with us. You touched on so many points that I’ve been experiencing but haven’t yet sorted out in my mind, body and soul…April 10, 2015, a little over 10 months ago I had my stem cell transplant. Complete remission! I am learning day by day how to live life and be the person that I not only have been but the person I have become….Relaxing and napping are not my strong suits. Thank you for that reminder…Thank you for sharing your life and how you are living it. We all have a lot to think about everyday. Having all the tools is key. Togetherness, discovery and learning are my favorites. Oh, and acceptance. Thanks again!

From Rita,

Thank you for sharing. I am 77 and was just diagnosed with CML…Am going to try hypnosis for severe leg pains…From day 1, I had a positive attitude, however do have some bad “down” days. Thank you again…you are an inspiration. God bless you!

Reviews of Every Breath Is a Gift:

From book review blogger Saradia Chatterjee,

She makes us realize how important it is to never give up on hope. As she mentions frequently in her memoir, we often take many things for granted. To some people, little things mean the world—the very things whose worth we never understand. Erin’s memoir is one of those books that make us conscious about the gifts we have in life, the greatest of them all—the ability to breathe. Yes, indeed, every breath is a gift. Erin’s battle with cancer shows the harsh realities and the will to look beyond it. This book can provide hope to people who fight new battles everyday and go through the turmoil of a grueling illness. It is also a reminder of the value of human bonding which acts as a catalyst in the healing process.

From book review blogger Raven Alexander,

Erin is a woman facing the unthinkable yet she manages to focus on the positive as she deals with an unpredictable future. Her grace, determination and hope is inspiring…Her journal is affecting as she shares her innermost thoughts and feelings, her courage is amazing. A woman appreciating everything life has to offer as she knows first hand its fragility. Erin possesses tremendous strength and I am humbled by her story. I certainly closed the book with a new outlook and appreciation of life in general. Good health is a gift we often take for granted, the Erins of the world force us to count our blessings and be thankful for all we have.