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“The Widow”

January 25, 2016


courtesy of Amazon.com
courtesy of Amazon.com

Karla, after binging on another season of an idiotic television series not worth mentioning, began to nod off in her purple corduroy upholstered loveseat. The chin-length, wavy brown hair she had tucked behind her ear slowly crept forward, falling in front of her eyes, casting a veil. As she hovered between wakefulness and sleep, Karla thought she heard dulcet tones whisper in her ear: “How shall I go on?”

“What’s wrong,” wondered Karla. As a believer in ghosts and the afterlife, she wanted to help what sounded like a desperately lost soul.

“What will I do,” the wispy voice asked, “without my loved one whom I treasured so?”

Karla was stopped cold by the ghost’s query. Not three weeks before, her beloved husband, John, had died in a terrible car crash…

So begins my fiction short story included in the inaugural anthology by SEZ Publishing called Frigtening: A Collective Work. To read more about Karla, John, and the “ghost,” as well as twenty-three other stories, please go to Amazon to purchase the volume.

courtesy of Amazon.com
courtesy of Amazon.com


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