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Update on new nonfiction project

February 12, 2016

I’ve been a bit quiet this month on the blog. Not sure if you care to know why, but I do have a reason… Did you get a chance to read my LLS guest blog in January? If not, you can find it here.  The LLS blog is an overview of my new nonfiction book project, tentatively titled Beyond Your Cancer Identity. (Those quick-witted proofreaders will notice I dropped the “Move.”) I’ve drafted the first three chapters, which are short but important introductory materials toward the three main parts of the project.

Now I’m beginning to dive into a chapter in Part One about naps. Though I had a siesta this afternoon, I keep yawning just writing about the importance of napping. (And I thought yawning was only contagious from one person to another, not from my computer. Is this a new kind of virus? Has someone hacked my laptop and given me yawning malware??)

yawning cheetah cub, courtesy of Cute Yawns on
yawning cheetah cub, courtesy of Cute Yawns on

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